Our land

monferrato vini pianaAll the Piedmont region is dedicated to viticulture, but the Monferrato it is in an even more particular: the vineyards cover almost all the summits and slopes of the hills, alternating with small woods.

The reason for this particular vocation is in an excellent mix of climate and geological conformation of the land, which has enabled a wide dissemination of vines, most of which are native, and an equally resulting in a variety of wines.

In Monferrato vine and wine are not only a major source of wealth but also an expression of culture and tradition, the result of a tenacious attachment to the land and centuries of hard work.

Our area, as well as generous land of wines, it is also full of architectural and artistic handed down through the centuries, who find themselves in the beautiful Romanesque churches in imposing castles, palaces and medieval towers scattered throughout the territory.

In this corner of Piedmont, which still retains its rural tradition, combine history with modernity, in harmony with nature, shaped by the work of man. This is our calling card, if you want all this, Monferrato will be the right place

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